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Automatic Identification System (AIS) Vessel Traffic

Vessel traffic data, or Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, are collected by the U.S. Coast Guard through an onboard navigation safety device that transmits and monitors the location and characteristics of large vessels in U.S. and international waters in real time. The AIS data layers below are provided by the Marine Cadastre and Ocean Reporting Tool.

Fishing Effort in the 2002-2017 U.S. Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery, NOAA

This set of map services depicts the relative intensity and proportion of commercial fishing effort for several gear types used off the U.S. West Coast from 2002-2017 (Somers et al. 2020). Spatial summaries of fishing effort were developed from lines connecting gear set and retrieval points. It is recognized that fishing events, particularly for mobile gears, rarely follow straight-line paths; however, this was the most readily available information. These summaries are not intended to quantify total impact of fishing on either benthic or pelagic habitats. Please reference the related report (Somers et al 2020) at

Oregon Marine Fisheries Uses and Values Data Products to Support the Territorial Sea Plan, Ecotrust, 2010-2012

Miscellaneous Fishing Related Data